Goals for 2013


It is my intention to become more focused upon the task at hand, to attain a CCNA certification.  This means most of my other posts will slip to the side until this is accomplished.  If there is no value within the certification process for CCNA, I will not post it until I have completed this process.

Thank you for following my blog, I truly appreciate your support!  It is my hope to attain this goal by June of this new year.

MK Murphy


Updating to iOS 6

I have read several articles on the updating iPhone 3GS to the newly released iOS 6.

Most were good, a few bad; however, the bad seemed to be primarily with a different iPhone platform or a jail broken phone.

The reviews I have read were:





While I got relatively good information, I remained a bit apprehensive to performing the update…but went ahead with it anyway.

I will play with it for about a week and make my final decision about it and will let you know my opinion.

Please feel free to passing along your thoughts.