Priority Matrix helps you prioritize work and life

Priority Matrix helps you prioritize work and life


Manage Projects On The Go
Priority Matrix helps busy people who need access to important project information anywhere, anytime, and never be constrained by lack of internet access. Our mobile apps won numerous awards and trusted by tens of thousands of customers.

Get Things Done Effectively
Priority Matrix is designed with proven time management methodologies in mind. Together, we help you figure out what needs to be done today across all your responsibilities. Getting the right things done is the most value a high value manager can add, and we want to help you do that.


Collaborate & Prioritize
Priority Matrix works across your team of one or one hundred. As a manager and executive, you always know your team’s priorities, and have a ultimate single source of truth. You can, within seconds, generate reports of work done for you and your team members.

Integrate With Your Existing Workflow
Priority Matrix lets you see your work in Outlook, iCal, Lotus, Google Calendar — for all your projects and for your entire team! You can drag files, emails, links, pdfs directly onto Priority Matrix. Delegate tasks to team mates outside of Priority Matrix and they can work with you directly from their emails inbox.

Goals for 2013


It is my intention to become more focused upon the task at hand, to attain a CCNA certification.  This means most of my other posts will slip to the side until this is accomplished.  If there is no value within the certification process for CCNA, I will not post it until I have completed this process.

Thank you for following my blog, I truly appreciate your support!  It is my hope to attain this goal by June of this new year.

MK Murphy