Versatile Blogger Award

I must express my heartfelt Thanks to EAM Harris who has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I am truly humbled as I do not feel worthy or eligible!

Once again, my most humble and gracious THANK YOU to EAM Harris for this nomination!

Please visit her blog as she always has a versatile writing style all her own from comments and opinions to Poetry & Theatre.

There are a few rules to claiming the award:

Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.

Inform them of the nomination.

Thank the person who nominated you and maybe add a link to their blog.

Share 7 things about yourself.

And you can add the VBA picture to your blog.

My nominations are below. Each of them have great blogs, please visit and enjoy.

Katherine Albrecht

A Million Minds in my Mind…Khushbu Jain

dM Buteau

Have a Dream…Michael

Inside the Birdcage…Tara

The Mental Ward…Jessica Ward

Soshi Tech

Net Security

Kenyatta Jean -Paul Garcia

The Ranting Liberal…Dave

Pure Complex…Kay

Like a Bump on a Blog…Amber Meadows

Talin Orfali

Clown Rhymes…Corey Jordan

Writings on History & Media…Gerry Hannan

7 things about myself:

I love reading & writing.

My favorite music is (depending upon my mood) Classical & Rock.

My favorite food is East Coast Pizza, yummm!

I enjoy exercising in my youth challenged state.

I enjoy listening to legal & constitutional shows.

I love target shooting.

And becoming aware of new technology & their applications in the real world.