Here’s What You Need To Master The Tor Network!

Here’s What You Need To Master The Tor Network!

Monday, May 05, 2014: The anonymous Internet, or the Tor network has been attractive to many since it came to mainstream news. The network provides protection from snooping bodies that steal your personal information online.

What is Tor?

Originally known as The Onion Router, the Tor network was meant to protect the US Navy. Currently, it is a software that sends your signal around a network of open connections. These connections come from volunteers all over the world using the network.

1. Use Tor browsers

Just because it is the anonymous network, that doesn’t mean that Tor will protect your system completely. It protects only the applications and programs that are configured correctly. That is why you should use a Tor browser bundle, which is pre-programmed to suit the Tor network.

2. Say goodbye to browser plugins

You would notice that the Tor browser disables things like Quicktime, RealPlayer and Flash. This it does in order to protect your privacy, as these applications have been known to give out your IP address. Similarly, you should avoid installing any add-ons to the Tor browser because they may cause it to malfunction. This can in turn be a hindrance to the browser’s original purpose of protecting your privacy.

3. Avoid opening downloaded files when working on Tor

Opening PDF or other files using a different application can reveal your non-IP address. You should avoid doing so.

4. Tor and Torrent don’t go together

Even though it may seem so, downloading torrents while on Tor is not a good idea. You can use the network but don’t try to download torrents.


Yes, use this at all times while you are on the Tor network. It shouldn’t be any trouble, since the network automatically goes for the always HTTPS option.

6. Tor bridges

This is also important since Tor doesn’t protect you from being watched. Someone can still find out that you’re using Tor.

7. Get more people

The more people near you who use Tor, better will be the protection that you get from the network.

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