Part 1

I have been debating how to approach this subject of Subnetting, there is not much to say other than it really sucks to learn.  But once you learn it, it just gets easier and more understandable.  Unfortunately, every new subject you learn, with which you have no familiarity with is going to be absolute hell unless you can pick it up quickly.  When I started learning subnetting and then relearned and re-familiarized myself, I have to admit it was tough and I just was not getting it.  But the information super highway, Youtube, and many other tid-bits of information out there in the world can make all the difference in the world.  You might not understand what one method teaches there is always another method that may take hold in your brain.  So, take heart…it may be a roller coaster, but it is our roller coaster.  Just keep looking for the method that makes sense to you, it is out there.  Below are some references, which are not all inclusive as there are a multitude more references for your viewing pleasure.

Youtube, as you probably already know, is an underutilized resource and valuablesubnet-study tool in your arsenal of learning.

Look through these references, videos (you won’t need to view all, just until you are comfortable), and the other web-sites.  To really prepare yourself for the test (CCENT or CCNA) use the IPv4 subnetting – random question generator v1.6  as it will generate random IPv4 subnetting questions for you to practice on (makes it easy for you!)

headerfistAlso, keep in mind that you will be tested on IPv4 for subnetting, so that is what we will be using.  IPv6 is being deployed and you may see it on the test for CCNA, but more likely than not you will not receive test questions on the subnetting of IPv6.

Until we meet again in Part 2…

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Other Web-Sites:

IPv4 subnetting – random question generator v1.6

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