Stand Up and Be Counted

My fellow Americans and Friends; on Tuesday, November 6th we stand to either choose a new President or to give 4 more years to the incumbent.  The choice is up to you and the Electoral College.  This is a bit astray from Networking, but every bit as important in my book.  I would ask you to give great thought towards your choice and truly research that which is best for the country, as a whole.

If you should choose to vote for someone other than the primary Republican or Democratic parties or if you should choose not to vote at all, is your vote thrown away?  I would say no, because it is your right and therefore whatever you choose to do with it is completely up to you and no one else.  However, by choosing to cast your vote toward some other party you do not waste your vote because you are telling the country that you do not agree with, or like, the two primary parties.  By voting for someone other than the norm, which we have had ingrained in our minds since childhood, you have the power to say it is time for true change not the façade of change.  At some point in time the third party candidate(s) will get enough votes to truly become a great threat to the party norms and the establishment as a whole.

If you should choose to not vote at all, you are telling the country that you are disgusted with all  of the political BS that is going on these days, or perhaps you are just plain lazy.  In either case, you are telling the country that the party norm(s) are no longer the values that represent America.

Either road you may choose, I would implore you to be an informed voter by studying the issues and not just picking and choosing them.  All of the issues are important, important to you and others.  I urge you neither to vote not as your friends would, nor as your co-workers would, nor as your family would!  Think long and hard and, as John Quincy Adams told us to do, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”  And his father, John Adams, told us that we must vote as a matter of conscience.  So, vote your way, vote your conscience!

You will choose between the following parties:  Republican, Democratic, Constitution, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, and Independent.  Think hard and choose well my friends, the future of the country is at hand and the rhetoric always seems to remain the same.  I have always believed that if you want true change, you must do things differently (think, approach, and vote).

We may not agree with each other, but we do need to respect one another.  Unfortunately, I have little faith that our present representation has any respect for those they purportedly serve.  For example, no matter the party affiliation demanded that the President does not serve more than two terms, but look at the dynasties that have been built by Congressman and Senators.  Some have served as many as 50 years, some 40…the list is quite long.  What of the benefits package, while the American people have 8% unemployment, loss of jobs, wages, and benefits, our representatives want an increase in pay and benefits…and for what?

Our Founding Fathers had the idea, the notion, that people would as a matter of public service represent their fellow Americans and they would not do so for benefits, retirement, etc.  Again, unfortunately, when did we vote for such a thing?  We didn’t, our public servants voted themselves these benefits, pays, and luxuries.  So I would urge you to consider these things when you cast your ballot.


Keep these words in mind: “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” ~John Adams


2 responses to “Stand Up and Be Counted

    • Be that as it may, I believe if you choose to not vote, you permit the majority to rule through acquiescence. My desire is for all to vote, to do so with eyes wide open, and to do so by being informed. Everyone taughts they are for change, but they keep voting the same rhetorical nonsense in to office. Thank you for your input & comment.

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