Updating to iOS 6

I have read several articles on the updating iPhone 3GS to the newly released iOS 6.

Most were good, a few bad; however, the bad seemed to be primarily with a different iPhone platform or a jail broken phone.

The reviews I have read were:





While I got relatively good information, I remained a bit apprehensive to performing the update…but went ahead with it anyway.

I will play with it for about a week and make my final decision about it and will let you know my opinion.

Please feel free to passing along your thoughts.

One response to “Updating to iOS 6

  1. I have been using iOS 6 since September 26th and I am a little impressed. It is slower, not appreciably so, but is still quite functional despite the application being on a 3GS platform, which is three year old technology. It does cause Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn to load slower but the functionality is still there permitting ease of use without too much grimacing and frustration.

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