Passwords and New Jobs…

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking account, can you be asked for you account and its password?  Short answer, YES they can ask but you do not have to give it up…I imagine that depends upon how badly you need the job, also.  This does seem to be the big rave on the news, other than the Obama-Care challenge.

There is software that companies tend to use to sift through the internet to find out if anyone is talking bad about their company AND people have been fired for talking bad about the company that they worked for (note the operative term “worked”).  You have an obligation to not denigrate the company you work for and many of them have policies that reflect such a thing.  If you cross the line you should be held accountable…if only it were a perfect world where everyone was held to the same standard!  But anyway…

You have a right to privacy and there are certain lines that should not be crossed.  While on Facebook, I had posted the article “Should Companies be allowed to ask for your Facebook Password?” by Tuan C. Nguyen.  Someone answered with a comment essentially saying that if a company did ask for my password I could not work for them because they acting unethically (they want their passwords to be secure, but want yours?) and it would be a security violation of password sharing which is frowned upon in the IT community.  And he is definitely right…one of the first things you are taught is security & protection.

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2 responses to “Passwords and New Jobs…

  1. This kind of discussion is more than a matter of technology and law as you have pointed out. Matters of equality, fairness, accountability, ethics are not only important in law but give rise to some serious philosophical questions. I agree that there are ‘certain lines that should not be crossed’ but who gets to decide what and where they are? I suspect that people running companies don’t have the time, inclination or training to delve deeply into the questions raised.

    • Other than what I have already stated, there is the Right to Privacy issue and violations to the Privacy Act, as well. These can be major violations against the companies themselves. And consider the ramifications, just the assertion of Privacy Act violations becomes a Federal issue, Civil Rights issue, etc. Bad media coverage gets them all of the time! Thank you so much for your input!!

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