RFID Part 4

The RFID Sniper Rifle is coming, or is it?  Back in 2008 a Danish company had devised an idea of tagging with RFID chips from a distance. It was advertized to shoot the RFID tag into its victim and would be as though getting stung by a bee.  The idea was to be able to track them and hit them when most vulnerable.  The bullets were advertized as being smart bullets that would home in on the specific RFID in that specific person…in other words, the bullet was married to the RFID chip.

This was advertized at China’s first International Weapons Fair in 2008.  Weapons dealers embraced the idea and especially the Chinese Police, hmmm!  Although, later to be unearthed as a hoax, it was rather astounding the numbers of State and Government Police that truly liked the idea of having such a weapon.  Rather concerning and Orwellian, don’t you think?

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