Techie Tips

Passwords are an all important facet within the computer and networking field, but is always taken for granted!! I’ve been there and did that just like everyone else, despite what I knew and was educated on. We know we aren’t suppose to use the same password for everything, let alone two important accesses on your computer and on the network, but everyone is doing it and guess what? They are getting hacked and having their Facebook, twitter, and email accounts highjacked…never to be heard from again.

Those of you with smart phones have a great asset at their fingertips and the plethora of password manager apps that you can choose from. The great thing about them is that most, if not all, of them have a function which will automatically create a password for you at a determined length and save it for you; hence, you have it and do not have to worry about remembering it. Each one can be different and will be in your little piece of safe memory of your phone! Safe and sound with a secure encryption.

Most people, and I am guilty of this in the past, tend to use easily remember passwords. With the Black Hat Hackers out there, you MUST be aware of what you are doing! Do not just use lower-case or upper-case letters. You really need to look at using upper, lower, numerical and special characters. It is estimated that to use all characters combined in an 8 digit password yields a potential 3 Trillion combinations. So, it can take an experienced hacker a little time to figure it out. Another wise move, which most assuredly NO ONE is doing, is to change your password on a regular basis. I would lean toward at least once a year, but a wiser choice would be either twice a year or four times a year for security purposes. What is your personal information worth? Remember that all who are hacked never thought it could happen to them!

I hope this was a helpful tidbit for you. Last night I was reading through “Hacking for Dummies” and this was the chapter I happened to be reading.