Book Review

Hacking For Dummies by Kevin Beaver, CISSP

I am reading through the book “Hacking For Dummies” which is a platform to assert ethical hacking exercises. Keep in mind that even the good have a tendency to turn to the dark side, at times. It is a 21 chapter book with appendices. I have made it through to chapter 10 (“Wireless LANs”). Each chapter has many great suggestions on penetration testing of your network, free & costly tools to assist in doing so; however, it also puts forth ideas to countermeasure and prevent an attack. I have never attempted anything as such, before. Although, I do believe it is a necessary evil to be understood in order to truly be a proficient IT Specialist, Technician, or Manager.

Using Wireshark on your network can assist in your troubleshooting woes, determine weaknesses, etc. Also, the use of Netstumbler can be a troubleshooting aid, by locating and mapping your network as well as locating weaknesses. Is important data stored in clear text format, or encrypted? This is very important to know.

Attempting to understand the basics of how a hacker does his, or her, job will aid you by leaps and bounds in protecting your network. This book, overall – regardless if you use these tips or not, yields great ideas to protect your network! Better to implement before hand rather than after the fact.

2 responses to “Book Review

  1. Hacking must be becoming mainstream to have a book, let alone one of the ‘Dummies’ ones. The thought of all those neophyte hackers practising is almost more scary than professional criminals.

    On a more serious note, thank you for the information and for the mention of what parts would be of general use.

  2. Oh, hacking is very much so mainstream these days. There are two types White and Black Hat, which go back to the old western days where good guys wore white and bad guys wore black. But there is a very good and ethical use for hacking, which was the purpose of the book itself. You can determine how vulnerable you are to hacking attacks by attempting to hack your own home network.

    Thank you so much for your comments and your visit.

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