Techie Tips

The site has a plethora of interesting tips and strategies for the kids, high school and university students, and especially for the parents – just so they can be in the know.  It is all so basic that it could not be so bothersome for the IT professional to review them; perhaps, save a copy of these pdf files for themselves.  They are great information to be passed out to all.  The old adage stands true, “repetition is the mother of skill!”

Whether in the home, at a business, in the classroom, whatever and where ever – the information is intended to protect you, your devices, networks, and most of all YOUR DATA!  It is through Social Engineering where hackers gain most of their information to gain access to your network, computer, or data.

Many people that I went to classes with spoke of some of their roommates and their antics when they left their computer unattended and wide open, they would change his password and log out.  He of course would not have access to his homework which was due the next day.  In this aspect, this is what you must concern yourself with on a daily basis.  Hackers are always pinging and searching for an open network.

Check the site out for basics in the protection of your network and data.  You keep ever vigilant in the protection of your property, your most prized possession is your personal information and the data entrusted to you!  Considering the fact that there are an estimated 175 million users on Twitter and an estimated 800 million user on Facebook worldwide (these are estimated Registered Users, which indicates active accounts not necessarily active users.)  Keep that in mind while you consider the fact that there are an estimated 6.9 Billion people in this world.  Someone has got to be up to something fishy, don’t you think?

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