CCENT – Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician

I found this to be an excellent path, for me to take.  CCENT is a newer Cisco Certification which is the entry level to all certifications.  Cisco being the leader in IT Certifications and it just happened to be the certification of choice by the CIT Department at the University.

You really need to study hard and use your time wisely! CCENT (two test method 640-822) only uses part of the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate, two test method 640-816; one test 640-802).  I would suggest you take copious notes, highlight the heck out of the book, and pay attention to what you are doing!

If you plan to follow on with a CCNA certification I would suggest purchasing a Cisco CCNA Training Lab.  I plan to purchase one after the New Year to prep and study.

You can obtain the Sybex study guide through John Wiley & Sons, which usually has a disk for studying; another resource is TestKing where you can obtain a study guide, mp3 downloads, computer software for testing and studying.





Hello world!

Your host

Welcome to my blog! My name is MK Murphy and I intend to blog primarily about Networking for a several-fold effect:

  1. To prepare for CCNA,
  2. To maintain knowledge as I continue to seek employment within this field,
  3. To explore other venues within Networking,
  4. To perhaps continue my education with a Masters of Science (but we shall see…)

I desire to touch on several factors of the Information Technology field, such as:

  1. Securing data and networks,
  2. Certifications and their process,
  3. News issues with respect to IT,
  4. Once in a while I will write-up a book review,
  5. Specific topics within the realm of IT and an explanation, and
  6. Hacking being new to me but should be of interest to all, for vulnerability & penetration testing.

My initial thoughts are to accomplish this on a weekly basis and monitor any replies/comments during the remainder of the week.  As time progresses, or as the topic dictates, I may consider posting more often.  Some topics will be multi-part posts, others will be single posts.

I hope this to be both a fun and rewarding endeavor for all involved.  Thank you for visiting and I hope you will return.

MK Murphy